Diagnostics of the Teràpies


The man and the woman suffered a series of conditions that can be annoying from the physical point of view (Picors, stretching of the skin ...) or the punt of view d'imatge (poc cabell, dandruff, fat ...). We diagnose, assess and treat because they are not annoying to them or to minimize.

PITIRIASIS (dandruff)

– simple

– estatoide

Seborrhea (fat)   

– hidroseborrea

– hiperdrosis

Alopecia (caiguda of cabell)

– androgenetic

– deficiency

– areata

And others such as seborrheic dermatitis, PSORIASIS, etc..

                   FOR TECHNICAL Prevenció

In the Barber 3 STYLE a diagnosis of the current state of the scalp and hair. Using microcàmara can see the people and the thickness of hair, the peeling and all conditions affecting the client.

With all the information it provides the client with the data obtained in the process of diagnosis, we, realitzem un PLA of SALVATION to be followed during the prescribed time.

The Health Plan has two parts:

The first to perform on the show for a short time.

The second was carried out at home for a longer time, marked and supervised by our specialist Dermotricologia.

                                       SOM  CLARS  !

Problems usually only·els quan lucionem PATIM. Prevention is the key to not having one·els lucionar problemes. A 3STYLE t’ho posem fàcil, just try it.

Estem et segurs that can help you feel millor.

QUAN LONG ES necessitated ?

The time is greatly appreciated and we can not lose. We arrange hours and give the privacy needed, services are done in individual boxes, to ensure confidentiality and speed up the process.

First is the appropriate therapy for each case, living at home must be used to 1 a 2 forward minutes of sleep during the time prescribed by our staff.


THERE IS NOTHING TO LIFE. We promote the prevention of disease hair to increase self-esteem and well being of our customers. Maintaining a well calculated and well-followed by the client can ensure that the result can be extended for a long time and even certain diseases can, practically, disappeared.

I HO PUC permetre ?

Prevention is really all the extra spending in the short term, but if the value in the long term we see that the money that we have a desenvolsar INVESTMENT for the future.

Ens owns self-esteem, strength and security to see that you look to ombros (dandruff) or that they will not upset the comment "You have more entries …” (fall)

The investment is really low with the result that it takes.


What ens fa diferents


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